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Baynes & White is an employee pension and benefit consulting firm formed exclusively to provide a personalized approach to benefit plan management. After many years of experience with other consulting firms of all sizes, we realized that clients with small and medium-sized plans always seem to play second fiddle to the firm’s large clients. Yes, many consulting firms provide quality work—but what about quality service?
Technical excellence is required to manage benefit plans in today’s environment and there are many talented professionals at many firms in this country. But, really understanding client needs and surpassing their service expectations is often not a priority. We are determined that the clients of Baynes & White will receive the highest priority in terms of prompt, reliable counsel and service.
Our mandate is to provide our services in a cost-effective manner, and our boutique-style approach to the benefits industry means lower overhead, which directly translates into making our services affordable for clients with small and medium-sized plans. We know that there is an ever-increasing cost-conscious focus for all employers, so we’ve become specialists in maximizing the cost-effectiveness of our clients’ benefit dollars. Quality work and quality service are the hallmarks of Baynes & White, and you can be sure that our professional responsibilities of confidentiality and trust apply to all our clients.

James D. A. White

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