Actuarial and Pension


Professional excellence

We are proud to have signing actuaries (F.C.I.A.) who are leaders in their field. With many years of combined experience, they currently serve in disciplinary oversight, compliance and standard setting capacities within the Canadian Institute of Actuaries and the Society of Actuaries.

A valuable relationship

Our clients know us for our Expertise, Proactive Service and Loyalty, as well as our Accuracy, Consistency and Timely delievered technical service.
Our clients enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that we are thinking ahead to approaching deadlines, anticipating potential concerns, keeping them informed about regulatory and industry changes, and educating their plan members. It is the kind of thinking that helps prevent costly surprises and, in the long term, mitigates risks and provides value for your pension dollars.
Our overall mission is your total service satisfaction.

Fair and honest pricing

Baynes & White was established with a mandate to provide boutique-style pension consulting services in a cost-effective manner. This is reflected in our hourly rates. As a result of lower overhead costs, we are able to offer fees that are 25% to 65% lower than those typical at larger pension consulting firms. In addition to the traditional fee-for-service approach, we also offer flexible billing structures to meet your budgeting needs.
Simply put, we provide outstanding pension services at a fair price.