Actuarial and Pension


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Our Services

Retirement Plan Consulting AND MANAGEMENT
  • Defined Contribution Pension Plans, Group RRSPs, and Deferred Profit Sharing Plans
  • Plan Set-Up and Registration
  • Plan Design and Benchmarking
  • Plan Marketing and Provider Tenders
  • Investment Reviews
  • Plan Governance
  • Legislative Compliance
  • Plan text, amendments, member booklets, Statement of Investment Policies & Procedures (SIP&P)
  • Annual Review
MEMBER EDUCATION and One-on-one sessions
  • Investment Education: guidance with investment selection
  • Retirement Planning: Accumulation
  • Retirement Planning: Decumulation
    • Retirement options
    • Customized income projections
  • Direct Access to Baynes & White consultant
Actuarial Consulting (DB Plans)
  • Funding and Solvency Valuations
  • Plan Design Analysis and Recommendations
  • Wind-Up Valuations
  • Asset Transfer and Plan Spin-Off Valuations
  • Plan Conversions
  • Accounting Valuation and Year-End Disclosure
Pension Administration (DB Plans)
  • Membership Recordkeeping
  • Benefit Calculations and Option Packages
  • Pension Adjustment, Pension Adjustment Reversals, Past Service Pension Adjustments
  • Regulatory Filings (AIR, PBGF, T10, Form 7, IIS, etc.)
  • Annual Member Statements (Comprehensive or Pension Only)
  • Member Education
Pension and Post-Retirement Accounting (DB Plans and Non-Pension Plans)
  • Accounting Valuations and Entries for Corporate and Non-Profit Financial Statements under Canadian, US and International Standards
Executive Plans
  • Individual Pension Plans (IPP)
  • Supplemental Executive Retirement Plans (SERP)
  • Retirement Compensation Arrangements (RCA)
  • Non-Registered and Unfunded Retirement Income Plans

  • Cory Boisselle, Director of Operations
    Baynes & White Inc. have provided our company with a level of knowledge and expertise we have not experienced with our Pension Plan management.  Previously the Pension Plan was a “Black Hole” where we had a basic understanding, but any details and its management was left to our Pension Plan Manager, who offered very little in terms of education, pro-activeness and understanding.  Baynes & White Inc. have taken the plan out of that “Black Hole” for us, and given us a level of comfort that all things related to the plan, are being managed properly and allowing us to make informed decisions.
    Cory Boisselle, Director of Operations