Group Benefits


We Have The Best People

We attract and retain talent, proven experts in the employee benefits business and are completely committed to client service. The combination of expertise along with a problem-solving, proactive attitude is rare and of great value to our clients.

We Specialize

Since our start in 1993, we have focused on serving small and medium-sized businesses. We understand their needs and expectations. We know their preferred processes and have developed products and solutions especially for them.

We Are Well-Connected

Major service providers recognize the value we add and want to partner with us. That means we can provide better products and better pricing to our clients.

We Are Flexible

We base our compensation arrangements on what you require. Whether it’s commission, retainer or fee-for-service, we will find a solution that works best for you.

The Baynes & White Commitment

Our no-cost review of your benefits plan will show how you can immediately

  • Lower your costs
  • Enhance your benefits
  • Receive better service
  • Improve employee experience