Group Benefits


Rediscover Value

In our experience, one of three things could have brought you here, you are looking for:

  • a new perspective
  • improved service
  • sustainable costs

Any one of these is a perfect reason to review your benefits plan today - a fresh and objective review of what you currently have, what you really need and how you can make your plan as cost-efficient as possible. That is how you will rediscover value for your organization and your employees.

We would like the opportunity to objectively evaluate your group benefits plan.

Briefly, here’s what we’ll do —

  • Check the competitiveness of your current costs
  • Determine the effectiveness of your financial/funding arrangements
  • Uncover any impending liabilities
  • Analyze the overall plan design and adequacy of benefits
  • Review the contract terms and provisions
  • Evaluate the administration and claims settlement procedures
  • Confirm your compliance with legislation
  • Survey benchmarks in your industry

You will receive —

  • A comprehensive report of your current arrangements
  • Our recommendations for any changes in plan design and/or financial arrangements
  • A clear statement of the savings and enhancements we can provide

If you want to rediscover value in your group benefits plan, please contact us today. The sooner we begin, the sooner you can get the service and cost-efficiencies you expect and deserve.